Eiswoog Lake and Area

In the immediate vicinity of Eiswoog Lake you´ll find a self-service “beer garden” besides a nature-oriented playground for children, boat rentals and a small sandbox on the large terrace.


No matter the season, it´s always worth a trip to experience the natural beauty at Eiswoog Lake:
leave your cares behind as you wander through the woods, dip your toes in the lake´s cool water or as head out into the purely natural setting of the Pfälzerwald Forest on a longer walking tour.

Cultural Attractions

The area offers many cultural opportunities, whether at the Japanese Garden in nearby Kaiserslautern, at Rosenthal Abbey Ruins or at the Roman Excavation Site in Eisenberg.  Check out the Perfume Museum in Mehlingen, the Erdekaut Active Nature Park  near Eisenberg as well as  the many churches or castle and monastery ruins in the area.
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Leisure Time Activities

If you like to be active, you´ll find every kind of offering her in Donnersberg County.  Swimming(check out Monte Mare in Kaiserslautern), golfing, horseback riding, tennis and much more can be discovered…just ask us.  We´re happy to help you.

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