• Kaminzimmer

  • Grüner Salon

  • Jagdsaal

  • Rosaraum

Der Jagdsaal (The Hunter’s Room)

Bright and sun glowed, this room is available for up to 110 persons. We also use this room for different events. Just enjoy it as our guest room. You can take a look at the historical „Puppenhaus“ (Doll’s House).

Das Kaminzimmer (Fireside Room)

A fireside always represents the heart of a room. With itś crackling fire the „Kaminzimmer“  is available for up to fourty persons. It offers a phantastic view over the lake.

Der Grüne Salon (The Green Saloon)

From the walls the ancestors of the „Gienanth“ – Family smile at you. They also enjoy the view over the lake. Is it reminisence or just the friendly color of the green ? Green is dominating. Meetings up to thirty persons can use the „Grüner Salon.“

Der Rosaraum (The Pink Room)

When you pass our new entrance, itś bright pink.