• haeckenhaus

    Japanische Zuber

  • haeckenhaus


  • haeckenhaus

    Nur Bett Zimmer

  • haeckenhaus


  • haeckenhaus


  • haeckenhaus

    James Bond

  • Forsthaus

    Wolke Sieben

  • Forsthaus


  • Forsthaus

    Acht Quadratmeter

  • Forsthaus

    Zwei im Wald

Read our descriptions and fall in love with one of our rooms! There is something for everybody.


Japanese Room

‘Feel like newly born.’

Even in early cold season. Three rooms each with an original wooden japanese bath tub. 

Turmzimmer (The turret rooms)

Get the broad / wide view.
Spectacular views over the lake and the fish ponds from the two turret rooms.

Enjoy your time at your own roof terrace

Stegzimmer (Room with a footbridge to the lake)

Enjoy your individual porch and footbridge to the lake.
Or you choose the libary room with itś cosy atmosphere, the one – bed – room with with a free view to the lake, the James – Bond – room together with the kids. If you wish, you can even have your own rowing boat for a early turn on Eiswoog.


Zwei im Wald (Two in the woods)

Beds between the sky and trees. Wasn’t there just the glimps of two deers between the trees ?  You can enlargen the king size bed for the kids.

Wolke Sieben (Cloud Seven)

Take a journey to heaven.

Discover the sky and the stars out of the roof window and be charmed.

8 square meters

There is space in the smallest hut.
True to the name, we have transformed our 8 m² room into a small, cozy retreat. Alone or in love as a couple.

Another House

Converted into a stand-alone room, the old washhouse adorns the image of our forester’s house from the outside. Enjoy the silence.